At d+m, we practice many modalities of design across a diverse range of fields, treating each project as the unique endeavor that it is, and we blend our various disciplines to develop and refine novel solutions with captivating aesthetics and functional elegance.

Founded in Detroit, MI, in 2012, and currently based in Chicago, IL, d+m is a multi-disciplinary creative studio dedicated to artfully serving clients and projects of all sizes, locally and internationally. Our collective formal backgrounds in art, design, neuroscience, and anthropology, combined with shared interests in design theory, experience, and culture, as well as our wide range of technical proficiencies, provide us the unique ability to conceive and implement unique, progressive, and effective insights and concepts into our projects.


Our highest concern throughout every project is ensuring that every element has purpose, and that every goal is addressed. We reduce the distraction, distill and clarify, and enact design as elegant subtlety to organically and subconsciously enhance experiences.

We think the term "branding" is a vulgar word, and that it's execution has warped into a masquerade. Rather, we prefer to develop and refine visual representations of the client's intrinsic characteristics and persona, to build honest identities and compelling narratives.

It is our conscious decision to maintain a high standard of integrity in our operations. From upholding standards of good design, to rejecting the use of templates and stock imagery, to committing to open and intimate dialogs with our clients, we take great pride in the caliber of our professional character, and the execution of our craft.


Our collective skill set is wide and varied, spanning many fields of art, design, science, and theory, and also well-developed, a combination of traditional proficiencies and an understanding of current trends, technologies, and understandings. We treat our profession as a craft, and continually work to improve our methods and practices, to deliver on projects we're proud to put our name on.

  • graphic design
  • typography
  • photography
  • cinematography
  • video editing
  • audio mix + master
  • identity development
  • brand strategy
  • online development
  • user experience
  • copywriting
  • space design

We work with clients in a diverse range of fields, on projects of all sizes, and recognize that each is born out of a wholly unique situation, with accompanying needs, goals, and obstacles. Through our methods, we aim to provide our clients with artful and effective solutions that will help reinforce their message in a genuine and purposeful way.

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Select from the list below to view samples of our work in various fields  
Batata Shop, Detroit, MI
identity development, brand strategy, graphic design
Digital Print Specialties
Detroit, MI
graphic design, space design
Interior Design Show 2014 booth design for Digital Print Specialties
Life's Adjustments
Auburn Hills, MI
identity development, graphic design, online development
branding, logo for Life's Adjusments
Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, Chicago, IL
architectural photography for VDTA
Expo Chicago, Chicago, IL
online development, user experience
web and user experience design for Expo Chicago
Made Collaborative, Chicago, IL
cinematorgraphy, video editing, audio mix and master, copywriting
cinematography, audio mix and master, video editing, and copywriting for Made Collaborative
Vintage Hollywood
Ann Arbor, MI
event photography for Vintage Hollywood
AFOG, Pine Brook, NJ
video editing, audio mix + master, typography
video editing, audio mix and master, and typography for AFOG

client fields

  • food + drink
  • textiles
  • health care
  • architecture
  • art + design
  • social good
  • live events
  • cinema


is a publication by d+m, where we share case studies of our projects, insights we've picked up along the way, reviews, and things we find generally inspiring.

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It’s a simple evolutionary matter of human psychology – the superficial, surface-value stuff matters. Here are 5 steps to developing a competitive restaurant brand identity – a visual presentation that will attract and retain a local audience.


Tags: bar, Branding, drink, Food, Graphic design, Identity, Logo, positioning, restaurant

A discussion about why current conversations about, approaches to, and executions of user experience design are misguided and flawed from the get-go.


Tags: a/b testing, analytics, data, design, Massimo Vignelli, UI, UX, website

Focus shift: from a website as an end to a website as a means – a purposeful tool to creating solutions. Be warned: do NOT just go with the lowest bidder!


Tags: asset, cost, development, price, quote, template, web design

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